Luke in LondonHi everyone, I’m Luke.

By day I’m an IT professional, and this is what I’ve been doing:

  • making technical teams productive
  • finding the right people in the organisation and connecting them to each other
  • ironing out kinks in business processes
  • advising on strategy
  • integrating IT systems
  • turning idle data into useful decision making information
  • automating processes
  • eliminating pointless busywork

I’m fluent in all kinds of off-the-shelf corporate technology, but I love making use of the best open-source tools too, balancing agility & speed of delivery against long-term platform stability. Make things happen, and do what works. I’m pragmatic.

I read too widely: UX design, web software development, business models, startups, environmental science, green technology, open source hardware, public transport, economics, community resilience, government policy, philosophy, permaculture, freethinking, you name it.

In between times, I think deeply, and dream up ways to make the world better place for my family & friends.

Here are my contact details, feel free to get in touch. I like people, and I can help.

Luke Morey
email: [email protected]
twitter: @DukeLukeM