If you’re an IT leader, or a systems engineer working in IT operations, I’d recommend reading some of Stephanie Williams’ articles. I only just discovered her writing, but it’s great. She has written solid guidance about IT operations teams and processes, and continues writing with practical insight about IT leadership and management.

Stephanie honed her craft over a decade or so of helping Amazon > Facebook > Twitter > Dropbox to build up the maturity of their own IT operations.

  • In IT Operations? Start with her WordPress blog where you’ll find articles on IT operationsprocesses, and project management.
  • If you’re leading a team, check out her writing on management and leadership.
  • Her most recent writing is on Medium with all the cool kids, where she’s @sdean. Among other things, she covers the issues that women in tech still face every day. (Guys, we just have to do better.)
  • She doesn’t post often – there are only a 30 or so articles from the last five years – but it’s all good stuff.

If you’re like me, an IT leader with IT operations experience, you’ll be saying “Yes, exactly!” a lot. With plenty of “Ah, yes, great idea! in between. I had been drafting my own articles on similar topics, but after reading these I quickly realised that Stephanie has covered the same ground, and better. So here is a public service announcement instead: read her stuff.

If you’re in the US, and you’re looking for IT leadership talent, LinkedIn tells me that that Stephanie is looking for the next gig. Given her track record, that ain’t gonna last! So get in quick.

Stephanie Williams (Stephanie Dean)

Also published on Medium.